Zombie Hunt

You have seen zombie hunt in Hollywood movies many times. Let’s play desi style Zombie hunt this time. If you love playing Holi you are going to have a lot of fun.

Minor Event

Team Info

Participation is accepted only in teams with a maximum of 2 members.


Time Restriction

To be announced

Entry Fee


Winner Prize

To be announced on the spot

About the Event

It is a simple game of hunting others and saving yourselves. One leg of both the players of each team will be tied to each by rope. Ten teams will play at a time. Everyone will wear a paper cap on their head and also they will have a water gun in their hands. To kill others you have to throw colour on the caps of participants. Once a cap of the player is being coloured he/she will be assumed to be killed. The team which will survive till last will be the winner.

Registrations are open

Who Can you Hear?

K sarath

K Sharath

phone  09996599364

email  k.sharath.15cse@bml.edu.in


Anant Khandelwal

phone  07742787205

email  anant.khandelwal.14me@bml.edu.in