Theatre Phantamonica

We are actors!
We are the opposite of people!!



Participation is accepted only in teams with a minimum of 8 and maximum 12 members*.

(* If your team exceeds more than 12 members, each person will be charged 200 rs perhead and the maximum team limit is 15 members per team on stage and 18 members per team).


Time Restrictions

30 - 35 minutes (empty to empty stage)


All the requirements need to be brought by the teams.

Entry Fee

₹ 200/- per head

Winners Prize

₹ 25,000/-

Runner Up Prize

₹ 15,000/-

About the event

Everybody is an actor until the actor walks into the room! Make your expressions worth our while! We are all set to launch our first ever inter-college theater extravaganza! So, if you are ecstatic and you think you can come up with something interesting with your acting skills, then this is the right place.
COME! Join the race of giving us a quintessential description of a trouper!!
* All the teams must be prepared for a stage play.


Registrations are open

Who Can you Hear?


Abhishek Arya

phone  09410242878


kaja sai suhuruth teja

Kaja Sai Suhruth Teja

phone  09704357470



  • Obscenity of any kind is not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification.
    The decision of the judges will be final and biding.