Market Madness

Do you have the ability to sell sand in hot desert? Were you always fascinated with advertisements? If yes,join us in 'Market Madness' and explore your potential as a business person. All you got to do is invest your capital money efficiently and create a product that can impress the audience and help you in maximising your profits.


Team info

Participation is accepted only in teams with a minimum of 2 and maximum 3 members.


Time Restriction

2 hours

Entry Fee


Winner Prize

3000+ gift voucher from sponsor

Runner up prize

1000+ gift voucher from sponsor

About the event

Utilise your marketing skills to create demand for your product and earn revenue, with Market Madness.Participation can be either in teams or as individuals .Each participant is recyclable products, out of which they have to create a completely new products. These products will then be made available for purchase online.The team’s aim is to market their product in a way that would fetch them maximum profits.Points will be awarded to teams on the basis of marketing strategy, amount of money earned and also on the creativity of the product "


Registrations are open

Who Can you Hear?

twinkle arora

Twinkle Arora

phone  09729321915


shubham dhingra

Shubham Dhingra

phone  08295041597