Live Tic Tac Toe

Was tic tac toe your favourite pastime to kill boredom?
Make your pastime productive,compete and win over with our 9x9 tic tac toe .


Team Info

Participation is accepted only in teams with a maximum 3 members.


Time Restriction

To be announced


Not required

Entry Fee


Winner Prize

To be announced

Runner up prize

To be announced

About the Event

"9 circular rings will be placed on the ground (preferably open space), representing 9 blocks of tic tac-toe. The game will start with both the teams running towards a ring from the starting point and placing their tag (Coloured Cloth) in separate rings. They have to return back to the starting point to pass to the next person in the team to run. The final round will have hurdles to make it more challenging. Each team will be given 3 tags (cloth piece) of same colour. They have to manipulate the clothes to create the pattern to win the tic tac toe game. "

Registrations are open

Who Can you Hear?

romit bhattacharya


phone  08902486467