Aerial Drones

Sky is the kingdom here and rule it with your drone to become a king above all


Team info

Participation is accepted only in teams with a minimum of 2 and maximum 5 members.

Entry Fee

₹ 100/- per member

Winner Prize

₹ 30,000/-

Runner up prize

₹ 20,000/-

About the event

Having ideas is far different from applying those practically and proving oneself. 67 th milestone Aerial Drone Show gives you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent. The program not only aims at drone technology, but the main aim is to encourage teams coming up with basic drones who need a push for further development. All the teams need to get registered themselves and carry their own multi-rotors (tri, quad, hexa and octa-copter).


Registrations are open

Who Can you Hear?


Shiva Madha

phone  08143455670



Prashant Meda

phone  09996059792



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